Persephone Miel Fellowship for Media Professionals 2018

Check this Persephone Miel Fellowship for media professionals when you want to fill your days with fully-funded fellowship. Please notice the deadline of the fellowship before you prepare your application because it is one of crucial thing you should know.


Persephone Miel Fellowship for media professionals

Persephone Miel Fellowship for media professionals

The Persephone Miel Fellowship for media professionals is a result of collaboration between the Pulitzer Center and Internews. For your information, this program is made in order to support journalists all over the world including the developing countries so that they can have the proper facilitation about what the reports that they want. It is also to allow them to the broader international audience and enhance their work environment. In other words, the fellowship brings much benefit for the fellows with restricted access to other fellowships. It also involves the fellows to do some reporting through the native country of the candidates.

Here is the list of benefits that you can have as the successful candidates of Persephone Miel Fellowship for media professionals as follow:

  • The fellowship will cover the travel grant of $5000 worth for a reporting project on the global importance of the certain areas. The project must tell deeper about the issues, which are unreported yet or under-reported in the global media.
  • The next grant can be negotiated by the application while they are in the application process according to the outcomes and proposed work of them. The payment will be on the first half of the grant firstly. It will be placed for the travel grant as the main priority with the required tools. The rest will be paid when the project is on the submission of the principal work during the publication.
  • Lastly, there is a $2500 cover of travel expenses in order to grant the fellow to travel to Washington, D.C. so that they have a chance to meet the Pulitzer Center staff and journalists as well as two-day workshop there.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates of who want to apply the Persephone Miel Fellowship for media professionals must meet the eligibility criteria offered by the company. They are as follow:

  • All journalists, writers, photographers, radio producers, freelancers, staff journalists or filmmakers are eligible to join. They must come from the countries outside the United States who want to make some reports from their home country.
  • The fellowships are also eligible for the women candidates or journalists from developing countries.
  • You must master your English language skills because you will go abroad.

How to Apply

The only way to apply the Persephone Miel Fellowship for media professionals is through online application process. Moreover, you must prepare the application as computer files. This is an online application, meaning that you have to upload the application via internet connection. You should also know about the expired date of the application selection. It will end on March 1st, 2018. You still have much chance to prepare it from now. The host institution is going to pick and select eligible candidates after the deadline. Don’t forget to visit the official vacancy website on this link. It helps you to know the details of the vacancy.




The false:
They think that just give a phone number or email address in a comment of scholarship announcements will makes scholarship providers call them.

The true:
No one will calls you. You need to submit application including the required documents. If someone calls you, be careful! Because usually he/she is a scammer.


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They declare their unlucky life or bad destiny, then wish the scholarship providers will give scholarships without any efforts.

The true:
You must to READ and follow the instructions of each scholarship announcements available in a scholarship website like, then submit your application by following the guides/rules and always keep update your application progress via OFFICIAL contacts.

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