Leeds Beckett University Scholarships for International Students

Once again, you have another way to study in UK through Leeds Beckett University Scholarships for international students. Yeah, this is your time to live and study in UK. Many people really want to this country because there are many historical and cultural things here.




The host institution of the Leeds Beckett University Scholarships for international students is the Leeds Beckett University. The application process is already ongoing right now so that you can send your application by following the instructions from this article. Both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are available. For your information, this University was known as Leeds Metropolitan University before it is called what we know these days. The University has many campuses located in the middle of the city as well as Headingley. It is a public university that you can find in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Since you are going to study in UK, you have to master your English language because the application is also in English.

The benefits of the Leeds Beckett University Scholarships for international students are the most important things we should know as the applicants. Without the benefits, it would be hard for us to join and apply the scholarship. The awards of the scholarship are the discounts of the registration fee for the enrollment. This annual scholarship programme offers the awards as follow:

  • £1,250 for those who are the recipients of International Foundation Studies
  • £1,000 per year for Undergraduate degree students
  • £2,000 for Postgraduate degree students

Eligibility Criteria

Join the Leeds Beckett University Scholarships for international students by meeting these following eligibility criteria. Without eligibility criteria, you won’t know how to win the awards or discount from the host institution. You have to read and understand what make you eligible for the awards firstly. If you are curious about them, they are as follow:

  • You must hold an Overseas or Non-EU citizenship status
    You must pay the overseas fee
  • You must be learning the related course in full-time programme
  • You must enroll on an eligible course of the scholarship actively
  • You must be a self-funded students with full course and pay for it in that year. If you have already a sponsor to fund your study, you won’t be able to win the scholarship awards
  • You must be studying on the level of the course and it is your first time study during that year
  • You must not be undergoing a placement year at the time you apply the scholarship
  • You must have excellent English language proficiency

How to Apply

The Leeds Beckett University Scholarships for international students doesn’t show the deadline. In other words, you have to stay update for the scholarship update on this following link. Moreover, you shouldn’t send your application with a separate form in order to accept the scholarship. The primary way to win the awards is to meet the eligibility criteria. You will have the deduction of your fee liability automatically. In addition, you need to master English language. It is also necessary to provide your language proficiency in order to convince the host institution that you are eligible for it.



The false:
They think that just give a phone number or email address in a comment of scholarship announcements will makes scholarship providers call them.

The true:
No one will calls you. You need to submit application including the required documents. If someone calls you, be careful! Because usually he/she is a scammer.


The false:
They declare their unlucky life or bad destiny, then wish the scholarship providers will give scholarships without any efforts.

The true:
You must to READ and follow the instructions of each scholarship announcements available in a scholarship website like www.scholarshipsforcollegestudents.info, then submit your application by following the guides/rules and always keep update your application progress via OFFICIAL contacts.

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