King’s College London Global Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree

Prepare yourself through this King’s College London Global Scholarship for undergraduate degree. This is your only chance to pursue your undergraduate degree and achieve your BA or BSc in Global Health and Social Medicine with full-time programme.


The King’s College London Global Scholarship for undergraduate degree will start the study in September next year. This international scholarship programme also invites international students from any countries all over the world. They include UK, EU and overseas students. The award of the scholarship that you can receive until the end of your duration of the degree is about £3,000. The award is up to £9,000 and it is paid over three years of payment. The host institution will pay it from Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3. The primary field of study is Global Health and Social Medicine with full-time programme. You don’t need a separate application to apply the scholarship. Everyone who can finish UCAS application before 14 January 2019 will be automatically considered as the eligible applicants. However, they must complete the application with required documents, too. King’s College London is located in London, UK

For your information, the award will be in the form of annual tuition fees. But, the recipients of the King’s College London Global Scholarship for undergraduate degree may be able to ensure that they have sufficient enough facilities to cover the remaining tuition fees. It includes the maintenance costs. The selected candidates will be announced by 15 March 2019. Please meet these following criteria while you offer the scholarship as follow:

  • You must have a University’s offer for a spot as your first choice before 2 April 2019.
  • You must meet all conditions of your offer for a spot at King’s College London
  • You must be enrolled as a full time student in eligible course of BA or BSc in Global Health and Social Medicine. In other words, you have already been eligible as a full-time student at the host institution
  • You must provide previous academic performance. It can be in the form of transcripts. So, you need to provide them all in your application.
  • You must have related experience. In this case, it must be in Global Health and Social Medicine. It can be from your previous academic performance.
  • You must have personal statement showing your reasons to apply a particular course. This personal statement must be included in your application.

How to Apply

The King’s College London Global Scholarship for undergraduate degree doesn’t require any separated application procedure. You only have to send UCAS application before 6pm on 14 January 2019 of UK time. In other words, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship. If you have incomplete application like no personal statement, references or predicted grades, it won’t help you to win a spot for the scholarship. The scholarship applies online application system. You can easily access the scholarship webpage through this following link. You have to check the scholarship webpage regularly so that you can know the latest update of the scholarship. You can also begin your application through the link.





The false:
They think that just give a phone number or email address in a comment of scholarship announcements will makes scholarship providers call them.

The true:
No one will calls you. You need to submit application including the required documents. If someone calls you, be careful! Because usually he/she is a scammer.


The false:
They declare their unlucky life or bad destiny, then wish the scholarship providers will give scholarships without any efforts.

The true:
You must to READ and follow the instructions of each scholarship announcements available in a scholarship website like, then submit your application by following the guides/rules and always keep update your application progress via OFFICIAL contacts.

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