Jose Antonio Echeverria Scholarship For International Students

If you need to kill your time but still want a degree, this Jose Antonio Echeverria Scholarship for international students can be your best chance to apply. You should read this article because we prepare everything you need such as eligibility criteria and the deadline. Check the details below.


The host institution of the Jose Antonio Echeverria Scholarship for international students is the Florida International University. It is a modern public research university situated in Greater Miami, Florida, United States. For your information, the university owns two different campuses. The first one is located in Miami-Dade County, while the last one is located in University Park. Some values of the scholarships are as follow:

  • The best two applicants will have a chance to win $4,000 every winner.
  • The best essay will have a chance to be published at the website of the José Antonio Echeverría Foundation website.
  • Those chances can’t be yours if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria. They are as follow:
  • The candidates must be accepted at the university at the time they are applying the scholarship. They must be the students of Architecture, History, Politics & International Relations, or Religious Studies, and taking 12 credit hours each semester minimally.
  • They also have been accepted in the Undergraduate Certificate in Cuban and Cuban-American Studies and follow at least a course in any semester
  • If you aren’t enrolled in such undergraduate certificate, you can still apply this scholarship with the same condition of the previous criteria.

How to Apply:

It is time to know how to apply the Jose Antonio Echeverria Scholarship for international students. First of all, you must download the application form from this following link. Include the application with these following supporting documents as follow:

  • You must prepare GPA and Transcripts. The documents are the unofficial transcripts demonstrating a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at the university. If you are just registered at FIU, you must provide the unofficial transcript of previous or other institutions.
  • You must write an Essay. It must be original, well-researched and at least three pages with double space, 12-font size, and it can be in either English or Spanish. The essay must include the knowledge of the life and beliefs of José Antonio Echeverría and his contributions to and efforts toward democracy in Cuba.

Send all documents in one application to the site at The Jose Antonio Echeverria Scholarship for international students has a closing date, which is annual deadline. It will end in the beginning of September each year. Since you have to write an essay, you must know how to make a good sentence at least. Of course, it requires time to master how to write a good essay in English. You have to put correct grammar and the required topics in your essay. Take your time to know how to write because the closing date is still far away from now. Then, don’t waste your time to prepare other documents. Just focus on the essay and send it on time before September.




The false:
They think that just give a phone number or email address in a comment of scholarship announcements will makes scholarship providers call them.

The true:
No one will calls you. You need to submit application including the required documents. If someone calls you, be careful! Because usually he/she is a scammer.


The false:
They declare their unlucky life or bad destiny, then wish the scholarship providers will give scholarships without any efforts.

The true:
You must to READ and follow the instructions of each scholarship announcements available in a scholarship website like, then submit your application by following the guides/rules and always keep update your application progress via OFFICIAL contacts.

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