HIIG “Internet and Society” Research Fellowship At the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute

Students who wish to pursue research now have the opportunity to make their dream come true in Germany while receiving financial support at the same time! Apply now for the HIIG “Internet and Society” Research Fellowship at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute and pursue your own research interests in a dynamic intellectual environment.




The Alexander von Humboldt Institute is the pioneer institute in Berlin, Germany which focuses on internet and society. HIIG itself is an independent research institute which is publicly and privately funded and whose work conforms to scientific quality standards as well as transparency rules. It researches the development of the internet taken from a societal perspective. The goal is to achieve deeper understanding in the digitalization of all spheres of life. This HIIG “Internet and Society” Research Fellowship at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute is internationally focused that offers a great opportunity for innovative thinkers who want to engage in the exchange of research experiences as well as set up new initiatives. For its 2019 class of fellows, candidates must pursue one of the following topics:

Qualified candidates can use the facilities free of charge during their stay. But candidates must bring their own funding from their own home institution or outside grants. Candidates may apply for a visa subsidy of up to 200 Euros or a travel grant of up to 700 Euros in special cases. In general, candidates must take care of insurance, accommodation, travel arrangements and childcare.

Entrance Requirements:

In order to be eligible for this opportunity, all applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates of all nationalities are all welcomed to apply
  • Candidates must have a master’s degree as well as PhD in process or planned (junior fellow), or alternatively
  • Advanced PhD (senior fellow)
  • Candidates must have fluency in English as well as adequate command of German. The latter is not compulsory but it will be much appreciated
  • Candidates must have a research project of their own that they want to pursue as well as research experience

Application Procedure

The mode of application for the HIIG “Internet and Society” Research Fellowship at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute is online and the due date is on September 1, 2018 so make sure you do not exceed the deadline when submitting your application.

All applicants must attach the following documents within their online application:

  • A comprehensive and up-to-date CV
  • Motivation letter detailing interest in the HIIG fellowship, expectations and research background (one page)
  • Research outline which includes: the project and how it responds to one of the research programs, the specific work that you wish to conduct during the program and products, deliverables or outcomes you wish to produce. (maximum three pages)
  • One work sample or writing covering internet research (optional and can be both in German or English)

You can commence your application by visiting the application online portal.



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