Chinese Government Scholarship Program for All Degree

You can join this ongoing Chongqing University scholarship called Chinese Government Scholarship Program for All Degree. As you can see, you will have a chance to join it and study in China. If it is one of your goals, you have to apply your application now.


The Chinese Government Scholarship Program for All Degree are designed for those who come from EU member countries. The host institution is Chongqing University (CQU). For your information, it is a crucial university and a participant of the Excellence League situated in Chongqing, Southwest China. If you have heard about 211 Project and 985 Project universities, it is also one of them.  Those projects provide assistances in construction and development from the central government and Chongqing Municipal Government. Everyone who wants to pursue undergraduate or graduate students is able to join the scholarship.

The benefits that you will receive from the scholarships are as follow:

  • Tuition waiver
  • Accommodation
  • Stipend
  • Comprehensive medical insurance

If you want to know specific information about the benefits, please consult the Office for Education and Culture, Mission of P.R China to the European Union.

Eligibility Criteria

These eligibility criteria are the perimeter of the candidates of Chinese Government Scholarship Program for All Degree who want to apply their application as follow:

  • They must come from a citizen of an EU member country and have good health
  • The high school graduate candidates must be under the age of 25 when applying for the undergraduate programs;
  • The bachelor’s degree candidates must be under the age of 35 when applying for the master’s programs;
  • The master’s degree candidates under the age of 40 when applying for the doctoral programs;
  • They must be under the age of 45 and have a high school diploma (or higher) when applying for the general scholar programs;
  • The master’s degree students or an associate professor (or above) must be under the age of 50 when applying for the senior scholar programs.

For your information, all of the course for other programs will be presented in Chinese except English-taught programs. It means that the candidates who don’t have sufficient Chinese language proficiency have to take remedial Chinese language courses.

How to Apply

The application of Chinese Government Scholarship Program for All Degree should be done between early January and early April. You can consult with the EU Office for the detailed information about the deadline. The first thing you need to do is to apply to EU Office for CGS and apply admission to Chongqing University for the Pre-admission Letter. The online application can be done through this following link. The documents that you must present are as follow:

  • Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship.
  • Notarize highest diploma;
  • Academic transcripts (in Chinese or English);
  • A Study Plan or Research Proposal at least 800 words (Chinese or English);
  • 2 Recommendation Letters (Chinese or English)
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form (photocopy)
  • A copy of HSK Certificate
  • A copy of Pre-admission letter
  • Valid documents of your legal guardians in China.

That is everything you have to prepare in order to complete your admission. If you can’t provide those criteria, you won’t be considered s successful candidates.



The false:
They think that just give a phone number or email address in a comment of scholarship announcements will makes scholarship providers call them.

The true:
No one will calls you. You need to submit application including the required documents. If someone calls you, be careful! Because usually he/she is a scammer.


The false:
They declare their unlucky life or bad destiny, then wish the scholarship providers will give scholarships without any efforts.

The true:
You must to READ and follow the instructions of each scholarship announcements available in a scholarship website like, then submit your application by following the guides/rules and always keep update your application progress via OFFICIAL contacts.

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